Proacon: Technology and Tunnel Experience

Proacon has established itself as a company that is highly specialized in tunnels. As a subsidiary of Grupo Aldesa, it has wide and diverse experience in the execution of tunnels for High-Speed railways, urban subway, roads and motorways, hydraulic works, as well as mining operations.

What makes us different


We carry out all the construction techniques that apply to the execution of all types of works: transport infrastructures, hydraulic works, and mining operations, applying the most appropriate excavation methods for each type of terrain.


We offer an integral and specialized product in subterranean works: a service that covers everything from the initial engineering process to the completion of the tunnel by installing the facilities and the intelligent transport systems (ITS).


Our highly qualified staff ensures the quality of the proceedings, the efficient management of deadlines, and the economic competitiveness of the project. We do all this without neglecting compliance with the highest safety and environmental protection standards.


Our experience in subterranean work is based in 80,000 metres of construction. We have executed strategic projects of large scale and relevance in the field of transport infrastructures, such as high-speed railway sections or state-of-the-art motorways.


We own machinery with the latest technology that allows us to deal with works of different types and scopes, continuously improving toward the optimal development of construction processes.


We have exported our know-how to countries such as Mexico and Guatemala, where we have managed to position ourselves as a leading company in the subterranean construction sector, both for kilometres built and for equipment owned.

Featured Recent Works